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Don’t Give Up On Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be hard. I was blessed enough to breastfeed each of my babies for over a year, but not without a lot of struggle and perseverance. I hear a lot of women say that they stopped breastfeeding for reasons that could have easily been resolved if only they had …
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That Time I Misplaced My Baby

You guys. I get stressed. And when I get stressed I lose my mind. Yesterday we had kind of a crazy day. We were out late Saturday night, then we got up early and made it to Sunday School (a Christmas miracle!), followed by the service. We then decided to …
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Parenting two children is NUTS. I am outnumbered during the day while my husband is at work. Someone always needs me! As soon as I get one baby to the sleep the other wakes up. I have no time. Thusly, I have to trade sleep time for blog post writing …