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15 Inspiring Christian Blogs For Moms That Will Encourage You

Looking for the best christian blogs for moms? I’m always on a hunt to find awesome new people to follow on the internet and on social media!

There’s lots of ways to become a better wife, mother and human being. Some people love to read books, others enjoy listening to podcasts, but sometimes its nice to have a few blogs for christian women to follow and curate your social media feed into something that inspires you rather than drags you down.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fellow moms to follow – I hope you find them as uplifting and encouraging as I do!

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christian blogs for moms


1. Phylicia Masonheimer

If I could only tell you to follow one person, it would be Phylicia. She is such an amazing example of stewarding the home well. She calls herself a Bible teacher, but I’ve learned so much from her: theology, time management, productivity, parenting strategies, the list goes on.

I had the wonderful privilege of meeting her and hearing her speak in person in 2019. She is just as lovely in person as she is online!

She has a blog, a shop, a theology podcast, and a parenting podcast. You can follow her on Instagram at @phyliciamasonheimer!

2. Her View From Home

If you’re into binge-reading some amazing articles written by mothers all over the country, Her View From Home is the place to go. You’ll read stories that make you laugh, cry, and still others that are freakishly relatable.

3. Don’t Mom Alone

Heather is a mom to four boys, and her passion is helping moms find community as they raise their kids. Her podcast covers all kinds of amazing topics related to motherhood, I know you’ll find it to be an uplifting, educational, and encouraging christian blog for moms!

Books by Heather: Don’t Mom Alone

4. Courageous Mom

Angie is an awesome resource for Biblical parenting and education. She’s a homeschooling mom of eight, and boy does she have some wisdom when it comes to raising kids to be followers of Christ. She and her husband Isaac have a podcast together that is definitely worth a listen.

5. Risen Motherhood

Motherhood is hard. And because of that, it’s so easy to get caught up in the drudgery of daily life and let ourselves forget what really matters. Laura and Emily know exactly how that feels, and they’re here to help us combat the struggles of motherhood with the light of the gospel.

6. Anchored Women

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed as a mom, Kayse at Anchored Women is the christian mom blogger for you. She’s got tips for how to keep your home running smoothly, but knows that a truly peaceful life is one that’s rooted in the hope of Jesus.

7. M is For Mama

Abbie is such an awesome example of godly motherhood. She’s a homeschooling mom of 10 (including two sets of twins!). I won’t say she has it all figured out because no one does, but she shares such an uplifting and encouraging perspective on motherhood that is so rare in our culture, and manages her home so well.

You’ll definitely want to check her out on Instagram!

Books by Abbie: M Is For Mama

8. Unveiled Wife

Jennifer’s content is more marriage-focused than motherhood-focused, but being a committed wife is a crucial part of being a godly mom! On her blog, you’ll get tons of content to help you be intentional in your relationship with your husband in order to build a strong marriage.

9. The Christian Mommy

The Christian Mommy is a christian blog for moms written by four women who have a passion for inspiring moms in parenting, marriage, and spiritual growth. You’ll find tons of advice on how to pray for your husband, how to connect as a couple, how to be a more engaged parent, and how to find God in the midst of your pain.

10. Well Watered Women

Gretchen Saffles is the creator of the Give Me Jesus quiet time journal, and her heart is to reach women around the world and “encourage them to love Jesus deeply”. If you need tools to help you dive into the Word of God and cultivate your faith in Jesus, this blog for christian moms is certainly one you should check out.

Books by Gretchen: The Well Watered Woman and The Well Watered Life

11. Journeywomen

Founded by Hunter Beless, Journeywomen is a blog and podcast dedicated to helping women grow deeper in faith and be part of the body of Christ. They discuss topics like faith in anxiety, knowing God through his word, and world missions.

12. Proverbs 31 Ministries

Proverbs31 Ministries offers daily content to help you develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Whether you read the blog, listen to the podcast, or hear them on the radio, you’re sure to be encouraged in your faith and daily walk with God.

13. She Reads Truth

Similar to Proverbs31 Ministries, SheReadsTruth is a blog and resource designed to help you be in the word daily. You can get your blog or reading plan on the website, through the app, or sign up to have it delivered to your inbox every day!

14. This Mother Hen

Heidi shares more of her inspiring content on Instagram than on an actual blog, but you’ll want to follow her all the same. I’m obsessed with the devotionals that she turns into reels.

15. Club31Women

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by everything that you need to manage: your marriage, your kids your home, etc., you’re not alone. And Lisa from Club31Women has made it her mission to be there and help you every step of the way towards a peaceful, loving home.

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