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5 Easy Ways to Rock Life as a Stay at Home Mom

If you’re feeling bored as a stay at home mom, never fear!

Being home all day with kids or a baby is a little daunting at first, but with some planning and some practice, you can totally crush the stay at home mom thing and get more stuff done than you ever thought possible.

I admit that when I first came home full-time to be with my oldest as a baby, I wasn’t totally sure what to do with her all day.

I was a little bored.

It’s been six years since then, and I’ve learned to implement the following tips really well. I can’t remember the last time I was really bored as a stay at home mom.

We’ve always got a plan for the day. It’s awesome!

How do I do it? Read on to find out.

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Playing with kids is one of the most boring activities known to man. If you’re doing it all day while you stay home, no wonder you’re bored.

But here’s the good news.

You don’t have to play with your kids all the time. If fact, it’s important that you DON’T.

Kids need time to learn to play on their own, use their imaginations, and explore their environment without an adult constantly looming over them and interrupting the flow of their play.

This is true even for babies.

So don’t feel bad for plopping your 3 month old down on a play mat or for telling your 3 year old to go play with Magnatiles for a few minutes while you go take care of some grown up stuff.

It’s good for them AND you.


There are so many little things to take care of when you stay home with kids. Having a solid routine in place is key to staying sane. When you wake up in the morning and don’t have a clue how you’re going to spend the day with your kids, that’s completely overwhelming!

You probably won’t use your time very well if you don’t have a plan, and you’ll definitely get bored as a result.

But maybe you decide that, after breakfast every day, you’ll start a load of laundry and spend a little time cleaning the house while the baby takes a morning nap.

After that, you’ll head out for a walk to get some exercise and fresh air. Once you’re home, it’s already almost time to prep lunch. The kids will go down for quiet time or nap time in the afternoon while you work on your hobby, volunteer work, or side hustle.

Give everyone a snack when they wake up, and then spend some time playing outside in the back yard until your husband gets home.

You can structure your day however you like, and you can totally deviate from your plan as needed. But having a default plan for how to spend your time helps eliminate so much of the boredom and wasted time that inevitably happens as a stay at home mom.


Before the pandemic, I would’ve said that I had no idea how to survive without getting out of the house every day. Now that I’ve had the experience of being trapped at home for months at a time, I know that it IS possible to hang out at home all the time and do OK.

However, I also think it’s very healthy still get out a couple of times a week to see people and do things.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just text a couple of friends and see if they want to head to the park with you one morning, or meet up with your husband for lunch at Chick-Fil-a every now and then.

Having a reason to get up and get ready to go in the morning makes a big difference in everyone’s attitude (in a good way!) and keeps both mom and kids from getting bored while staying at home.


If you aren’t part of any groups, try making that a priority!

First and foremost, I recommend joining a church and committing to going regularly. Our church family has always been our closest community everywhere we’ve lived.

Many churches have smaller groups specifically for young moms, too!

If you don’t know how to find a church of if you’re nervous to visit one, please send me an email at I’d love to help you through the process!

Two other great groups to check out are MOMS Club and Bible Study Fellowship. I joined both of them when I was new to the area where I currently live, and it’s been so great!

But Facebook is also overflowing with mom groups, so try typing ‘Your City + Moms’ into the search bar and seeing what comes up. You might find your new BFFs!


Being a stay at home parent is tough, but there is occasionally a bit of extra time when kids are napping or playing independently where you might have an opportunity to do something else besides be a mom.

If you aren’t very intentional about it, it’s easy to let this time disappear into the void of social media.

Using all of your free time that way will leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

It’s a much better idea to find something that will fill you up, spark your creativity, and force you to become a better person.


When you stay home and you’re not accountable to anyone but yourself, it’s easy to get lazy and waste time during the day that we otherwise would spend being more productive.

My best days as a stay at home mom are the days when I treat my work as a mom as my job and work just as I would if I had a supervisor looking over my shoulder.

That means that I get up and get ready for the day before it’s time to “clock in” when the kids wake up. I don’t take lengthy social media breaks or stop to watch a show in the middle of the day. I clean the house and do the laundry like I’m supposed to. I have a plan for how I’ll spend nap time that doesn’t include shopping online for 2 hours.

That doesn’t mean I have to ignore the kids and work nonstop all day. I consider spending time and doing activities with them to be part of my job – albeit a fun part!

But I prepare for my day and choose to use my time at home wisely rather than squander it.


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