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Is Walmart Grocery Pickup Really That Great? An Honest Review.

I decided to do a review of Walmart Grocery Pickup because I just can’t stay silent about how awesome it is!

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Let me tell you why:

Do you know what my kids and I spent this morning doing?

We definitely did not go grocery shopping.

We skipped the whining and complaints of boredom while I simultaneously attempted to evaluate whether or not that jar of Nutella met the qualifications of my coupon.

We skipped the begging for candy in the checkout aisle. No discipline was necessary

We didn’t make a single impulse purchase.

Instead, we went to the zoo. We had fun, we laughed, we pointed at monkeys and gorillas and tigers and flamingos.

We fed a giraffe.

It was a delightful morning.

As I pulled out of the zoo parking lot with two sleepy kiddos tucked into their car seats, I whipped out my phone and checked in to the Walmart Grocery app so they would know when to expect us.

I pulled up to the store, had a pleasant Walmart employee load all of my groceries into the back of my car for me, and I was in and out in 5 minutes flat with everything on my list for the week. My kids slept through the whole thing.

It was a pretty far cry from the 1.5 hour stress-fest that is grocery shopping that I’m used to experiencing.

How does Walmart Grocery Pickup Work?

Ordering groceries through Walmart Grocery Pickup is a pretty simple process:

  • If you don’t already have an account, you’ll be instructed to create one. Then you’ll be directed to the grocery home page.
  • From there, you can click on items to add them to your cart, or search for any item that you’re looking for. It shows you your cart total as you shop!
  • Once you’re done shopping, you can head to the check out where you’ll select a pick up time and store location. If you’re ordering the night before, usually most pickup slots for the next day will be available.
  • Don’t forget to use the code to get $10 off if you use this link to sign up!
  • You’ll get a notification on the app when your order is ready. Most of the time it will be ready about 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time.
  • When you’re headed to the store, be sure to ‘check in’ on the app so that they know you’re coming. That way you won’t have to wait as long when you arrive and you won’t have to call when you get there.
  • A friendly associate will be out within a few minutes to load your groceries into your trunk for you!

Why I’m Excited to Review Walmart Grocery Pickup

1. I don’t have to get out of my car.

Strapping kids in and out of car seats is possibly the worst thing known to man. I pray blessings on those who make it possible for me to skip even one occurrence of hauling my children in and out of a store.

2. Walmart Grocery Pickup is FREE

Unlike other stores with grocery pick up, Walmart Grocery Pickup is FREE for orders over $30. So if I’m too lazy to meal plan for a full week, I can throw some produce and ingredients for spaghetti  into my cart and plan to pick it up later this afternoon.

No need to make sure I buy enough groceries to make it ‘worth’ the personal shopping fee. I can order again in a couple days when I have my life together a little more – no extra charge.

2021 UPDATE: There is no longer a minimum order requirement for Walmart Grocery Pickup! You can place an order for nothing but a gallon of milk, if you like.

Protip: Schedule a Walmart Grocery Pickup at your vacation destination for the day you plan to arrive. Order ahead, then get off the plane and pick up your groceries. No need to waste precious relaxation time shopping for food!

3. You’ll stay on budget and avoid impulse buys

Am I the only one that gets a little apprehensive in the checkout lane because you have absolutely no clue how much the total is going to come to?

It’s too late to turn back, but even if it weren’t, it’s too much of a pain to retrace your steps putting items back that you decide you don’t need.

You can say goodbye to that problem too.

When you order online, you can see exactly how much you’re going to spend. Got a little excited about those Twizzler’s on sale? It only takes a couple clicks to remove that little impulse purchase after you see that you’re actually over-budget.

Not that I’ve done that.

groceries from walmart pickup

4. Walmart Grocery gives you freebie upgrades on your stuff

Anytime I get ready to go pick up my groceries, I’m always excited to find out what I might get for free. On my last trip to go get groceries, I had ordered the 85/15 variety of ground turkey.

In an effort to save money, of course.

It turns out that they were out of stock on that kind, so what did the friendly Walmart employees do to ensure that I was a happy and satisfied customer??

They gave me the 93/7 for the price of the 85/15. Score!

It cracks me up because they’re always so apologetic about it: “Ohhhh sorryyy we didn’t have what you wanted,” and I’m just sitting there trying to play it cool like, “oh, yes, mmhhmm that will be fine,” whilst I try to restrain my inner happy dance.

This happens probably every other time I go! Sometimes they’ll give me a bigger package for free, sometimes it’ll be the namebrand instead of the store brand that I ordered.

Or sometimes, like in this case, it’ll be a better quality than the item I ordered. But the important thing here is that it’s ALWAYS equal or better.

Technically I think you’re probably entitled to get this same deal in-store, but who has time for that? I don’t want to be that cheapo who makes a big stink about not wanting to pay an extra 40 cents for the Lays chips when they’re out of the Great Value.

But if they’re gonna do it for me without even being asked…I’ll take it, thankyouverymuch.

5. They don’t make you wait.

I mentioned earlier that you can check in when you’re on your way through the Walmart Grocery app so they know exactly when to expect you.

I drove up the other day after checking in and the nice Walmart employee was literally already standing outside waiting to load my stuff when I got there.

Say whaaaaaat.

So obviously, I’m never setting foot in a grocery store again.

Especially not with my children.

Even better, if you click this button below, you can get $10 off your first order.

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bread crumbs and dry milk from walmart pickup

What I Didn’t Love During My Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

As with any service that you use often, some orders are bound to be better than others. I’ve occasionally had times where they forgot items, didn’t substitute appropriately, or my order was delayed. It’s not a perfect system and those things happen.

Apart from that, there are a few cons to ordering online:

1. You have to plan ahead

While shopping for groceries online does save the hassle of dragging kids into the store, it does require a little extra forethought. You can’t just pop your order in and expect it to be ready 30 minutes later. You’ll have to allow at least 5 hours for your order to be picked, sometimes more.

You also have to commit to a 1 hour time slot for pick up. So if you have an unpredictable schedule, it can be harder to manage. Although, in my experience, they don’t really mind if you show up late.

2. The website feels a bit clunky

The desktop website is sometimes a little slow, and it can be tedious to type in a search for each item that you want to buy.

But after you’ve used it a few times, it will save your frequently purchased items to a separate list, and you can scroll through and add each item with just one click.

The mobile experience on my smartphone app is much better than the website.

3. You can’t pick your own produce

I’m personally not very picky about my produce. As long as my strawberries aren’t full of mold, I’m good. There have been a few times where they picked an item that wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

But it’s hard to complain. They’re shopping for my groceries for me, and they’re doing it at no extra charge to me. So I’m willing to overlook a few things not being exactly perfect.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Gets a Great Review From Me!

In spite of the fact that it has a few downsides, I still love using Walmart Grocery Pickup. It makes my life so much easier, and it’s definitely what I need during this season of having little kids. I love being able to take them to the park or the oo instead of dragging them to the grocery store.

I hope you love it too!

Don’t forget to grab your coupon for $10 off your first order!

Thanks for reading this Walmart grocery pickup review.

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