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15 Surprising Reasons to Love Winter (Even If You Hate the Cold)

There’s so much that I love about winter.

But if I’m being honest, winter is still my least favorite season. I mean, there is really just so much to hate.

Frigid temps, sky-high heating bills, figuring out how to keep kids warm in their car seats without coats, scraping snow and ice off my car, people tracking snow into the house, the way the inside of your nose freezes a little when you go outside when it’s below zero…I could go on.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t little things to enjoy throughout the snowy season!

Besides, it’s so much healthier to look for the good things to enjoy rather than complain all of the time.

footprints in winter snow

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So here are some things that I think are the best things about winter:

1. Groceries can stay in the car

I literally use my car as an extension of my freezer in the winter. Decide I need to run a few errands after a trip to the store? Sure. Don’t feel like unloading the groceries by myself when the hubby isn’t home? No biggie. That ice cream will stay frozen for sure when it’s -4 outside.

Also, thank goodness for blessed Walmart Grocery Pickup people who bring my groceries out to the car so I don’t have to drag myself and my kids into the store in the freezing cold weather.

2. I love using the heated seats in my car in the winter

We make a habit of buying really old cars that have zero fancy upgrades, but on our most recent car purchase we wound up getting one with heated seats!

It’s the most exciting thing.

I particularly like it when my husband starts the car a few minutes early, so my tushy is all toasty warm right away.

3. Watching the snow fall

I do love a good winter snow. There’s something so calming about bundling up and heading out for a walk during a snowstorm. It’s so peaceful!

However, it can go away after 24 hours. Once there are footprints, tire tracks and dog pee everywhere, I’m over it.

4. I love being snowed in

I get just as excited as the kids do about snow days home from school. The snow is nice, but it’s even better if my family gets the day off as a result! I love that unexpected extra time that we get to spend together.

winter snow

5. It’s cool to watch water freeze instantly

If you haven’t tried this, you definitely should next time it gets cold enough. It probably needs to be in the single digits or below, but its fun to try it with kids especially!

6. Christmas!

The holidays are such a good distraction from the beginning of the descent into winter. All the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas definitely keeps my mind off of the colder temperatures. I also love driving around to look at all the holiday lights!

7. Fires in the fire place are one of the best things about winter

There’s just something magical about cozying up on the couch with a good book and a raging fire in the fireplace when it’s cold outside.

8. Hot chocolate

I don’t usually let my kids have sugary drinks, but we love coming in from playing in the snow and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate in the kitchen together.

lovely snow on a pine tree in winter

9. Alll the soup

I make soup occasionally in the warmer months, but a bowl of hot stew just doesn’t warm the soul the same way in the July that it does in February.

10. Electric blankets

I love climbing into a pre-warmed bed at night in the winter. If I have enough forethought to to turn on my electric blanket while I’m getting ready for bed, that is. It’s also important to get one that shuts off automatically so that you don’t wake up roasting at 2 AM, ha.

11. I love that there is less sweat in the winter

As much as I love the summer time, one thing I don’t miss when it’s winter is feeling sticky and sweaty all the time. It’s nice to not feel like you need to take a shower and change clothes halfway through the day!

12. The bugs are dead

It’s nice to be able to walk outside for 10 minutes without getting approximately 1 million mosquito bites.

13. Candlelight dinners

One perk of the shorter days in the winter time is that it gets dark early enough that we can eat dinner by candle light. It’s so romantic.

14. Winter fashion is superior

I feel so much more fashionable in the winter. Somehow, skinny jeans and ankle boots are so much more sophisticated than flip flops and a T-shirt.

15. Extra time with family

With the holidays, there are so many more opportunities to visit extended family in the winter than other times of the year. It’s so fun to have that time with them!

So those are the reasons I love winter.

That’s it. All I can muster. Help me out if you can think of more reasons to love winter because heaven knows I need all the positivity I can get while I try to shake this cabin fever.

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