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Things I Love About Winter (An Exercise for My Mental Health)

Not gonna lie, winter is my least favorite season. I mean, there is really just so much to hate. Frigid temps, sky-high heating bills, figuring out how to keep kids warm in their carseats without coats, scraping snow and ice off my car, tracking snow into the house, the way the inside of your nose freezes a little when it’s below zero…I could go on.

Nevertheless. I thought perhaps it would be good for my mental health if I tried to look on the bright side. Or, dwell on the beauty of life, said the great emperor Aurelius.**

So here goes:

1) Groceries can stay in the car. I literally use my car as an extension of my freezer in the winter. Decide I need to run a few errands after a trip to the store? Sure. Don’t feel like unloading the groceries by myself when the hubby isn’t home? No biggie. That icecream will stay frozen for sure when it’s -4 outside.

2) Heated seats in my minivan. This is probably the most exciting feature on our ‘new’ car. The thing is 10 years old, but it sure keeps my tushy warm on a cold day.

3) Snow. I do love a good winter snow. There’s something so calming about bundling up and heading out for a walk during a snowstorm. It’s so peaceful! But only a max of three times per winter. And if I have to travel, forget it. Also, it can go away after 24 hours. Once there are footprints, tire tracks and dog pee everywhere, I’m over it.

4) Throwing water into the air and watching it freeze instantly.

5) Christmas! It’s such a good distraction from the beginning of the descent into winter. But now it’s January, Christmas is over, and there’s nothing but a cold, bleak, and cheerless couple of months ahead. So nevermind.

6) Less sweat! Confession: I may or may not wear enough deodorant in the winter.***

7) My husband working from home on snow days. “No honey, I don’t mind at all if you put Alayna down for her nap on your break.” “Dear, do you mind if I go out for a short stroll while the baby sleeps?” Heck yesssss.

That’s it. All I can muster. Help me out if you can think of more because heaven knows I need all the positivity I can get while I try to shake this cabin fever.

**Did you enjoy my little foray into world history there?

***Let me know if you can smell me.

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