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The Most Gorgeous Nursing Covers from Etsy

Unless you plan on being confined to the inside of your house for the duration of you and your baby’s breastfeeding journey, chances are you’re going to have to get comfy with the idea of breastfeeding in public. Little babies often need to eat every two hours, which means you really only have 1.5 hours between feedings. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even get out the door to get my groceries and back in that amount of time.

I’ve spent many a breastfeeding pit-stop on a bench in the middle of Walmart.

Conspicuous though my very public breastfeeding sessions probably were, no one ever harassed me or made any negative comments about me feeding my baby where people could see.

I think this is partly because breastfeeding is starting to become more accepted as natural in our culture, but I also think the fact that I had a great nursing cover that kept me 100 percent covered at all times really helped those around me feel more comfortable.

Now, if you don’t want to use a cover when you breastfeed your baby in public, you don’t have to. Do what’s right for you if you’re sure the law is in your favor where you live. Some moms are really good at nursing without a cover and no one can even tell that the baby is eating.

But I’ve always been more comfortable using a cover, so that’s what I do.

So if you feel the same way, keep scrolling to see the adorable nursing covers I rounded up from Etsy!

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Elephant Baby Boy by TheDreamDaisy

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Isn’t this adorable for a baby boy? This type of nursing cover is my favorite because it provides full,360 degree coverage. I don’t have to worry about wearing two shirts or making sure that my back isn’t exposed, because this keeps me covered in all directions. You won’t get that with a muslin blanket or apron-style nursing cover.

To top it all off, you also use the same cloth to cover the car seat in bad weather, as well as a shopping cart cover to protect your baby from germs!


Heather Grey Nursing Scarf by HolaBunny

image 0

How cute is this nursing cover that doubles as a scarf? If you want your nursing cover to be a fashion statement as well, I think this is the one.


Feeding In Progress by NyUrbanAccessories

image 0

In case you want to clear up any confusion about what, exactly, is going on under there ;).


Nursing Veil by RockabillyRuffles

image 0

Here a solution for not being able to easily make eye contact with your baby when you use a cover. You put it over your head so that it covers you and the baby. You’re still able to see your baby easily, but the mesh covering that goes over your head allows you to see be able to see and interact with what’s going on around you.


Ice Blue Fashion Statement by NyUrbanAccessories

image 0

This nursing cover is BEAUTIFUL and can be worn as a fashion statement in many different ways in addition to being used as a nursing cover! I want one. Please send now.


Nursing Cover from Robbins and Bobbins

image 0

The elastic around the top and bottom of this nursing cover make it unique, and presumably even more practical than similar covers sans elastic. Plus, this blue floral pattern is gorgeous.


Nursing cover from Ecofeeling

image 0

I love the red pattern of this one. It would be lovely for fall, methinks.


Oakland Raider nursing cover from LolliApparel

Alright so this one doesn’t have all-the-way-around coverage that I love. But if you’re a football fan, the opportunity to proclaim your fandom even while breastfeeding might be enough to persuade you to get this one.

And, of course, its Etsy, so I’m sure you can work something out with this seller and get fabric for your team if you aren’t a Raiders fan. Hooray for customization!

Do you have a favorite nursing cover that you love to recommend? Share it in the comments or email me at

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