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This Is The Best Chore Chart for Adults

Most people think that chore charts are only for kids, but I’ve found that I benefit from an adult version of a chore chart just as much as my kids do!

The truth is that most adults need a chore chart to keep their houses clean and tidy, too. It really is the secret to keeping a clean home.

For example:

Do you know exactly what chores you need to get done today?

How long has it been since you cleaned your bathroom???

Is the laundry piled so high in the hamper that you don’t even know where to start?

Do you have dishes from 2 days ago still sitting in the kitchen sink?

If that’s you, then a chore chart for adults is definitely the answer for you to finally start keeping a clean and tidy home.

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How to Use This Chore Chart for Adults

This isn’t anything crazy like a multi-colored spinning wheel. There are no stickers involved.

(Unless you want them to be. In which case, I say: go for it!)

This adult chore chart is really more of a glorified, ongoing, to-do list.

I’ve organized this chore chart according to things that need to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I laminated mine with contact paper and stuck it to the refrigerator. Then I use a whiteboard marker to check things off throughout the day as I get them done.

By checking off jobs as I go along, I have a record of what’s already done, and a growing sense of accomplishment as I go about my day/week/month!

That way, when I’m losing my mind on a Thursday afternoon because the baby won’t sleep and I barely know which way is up, I don’t have to try to remember how long it’s been since I cleaned my bathroom or if it’s time to change the bed sheets. The chore chart knows!

Here are 5 ways using an adult chore chart can benefit you:

1. A Tidy Home Is More Pleasant

But let’s be honest, it’s so much more pleasant to live in a house that’s doesn’t require caution tape around the front door to warn all who enter of what lies behind.

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2. You’ll Have Less Stress

I’m pretty sure my stress levels triple when my house is a mess.

It’s hard for me to be calm and pleasant to my children when there are 27 dirty diapers stacked up on the changing table.

Then I have to trip over 8 pairs of shoes on my way from the kitchen to the bathroom, only to find it out of toilet paper when I get there.

And oh look, there’s some questionable pink mold growing in the toilet bowl and the bottom of the sink.

Not to mention that I haven’t washed dishes in 2 days, and every time I want to use a plate I have to get a dirty one out of the sink and wash it.

None of that is a recipe for a happy mama.

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3. You Can Get Right to Work Without the Overwhelm

If you’re like me, when the house is a disaster and you haven’t really done any cleaning in weeks, it can be overwhelming to even figure out where to start.

When you don’t know where to start, the easiest thing becomes to just do nothing! Let the house stay messy!! No one ever died from an unkempt home right???

A chore chart for adults really helps to eliminate that overwhelmed feeling that is such a barrier to getting housework done. Instead of looking at the giant mess that is my home and not having a clue where to start, I just consult my handy dandy chore chart!

The daily chores are the most important: washing dishes, unloading the dishwasher, straightening up clutter, making the bed etc. I’m always going to make sure those are done before I move on to any of the weekly or monthly chores.

4. The Mess Will Never Get Out of Control Again

The other thing about following my chore chart for adults is that once you get your house back in order, it’s mostly about maintaining that level of cleanliness and organization.

If you keep your dishes washed and spend a few minutes once or twice a day straightening up clutter, things aren’t ever going to get out of control the way they do when you neglect the house for days (or weeks!) on end.

5. You’ll Be Able to Find Stuff When You Need It

Before I made tidying up the house on a regular basis, I was always losing my keys. I didn’t have a designated spot for them, so I always had to spend the 10 minutes before I left home ransacking the house trying to find them. Then I would wind up being late!

After I began using the chore chart, I found a good spot for my keys to live. Even if I don’t remember to put them there right away when I get home, I always find them when I do my quick evening tidy and put them where they belong.

I haven’t had to tear apart the couch cushions when it’s time to leave since!

BONUS: You’ll Be Able to Cultivate Deeper Friendships

Welcoming people into your home is one of the best ways to get to know people better and cultivate community. If you avoid inviting people over because your house is a mess, you are seriously missing out!

This chore chart will allow you to invite friends over without having to spend two full days prior to their arrival cleaning like a madwoman.

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Why Should Adults Use a Chore Chart?

Having a relatively clean and tidy home leads to so many great benefits. Everything in life is a little easier and more manageable when your home is in order.

If you find yourself constantly stressed out and feeling like you can’t keep up with life, an adult chore chart will help.

Even if you think the mess doesn’t bother you, just try it! If you hate it, you can always go back to having a messy house.

If you follow this chore chart for adults regularly, I can nearly guarantee you that your quality of life will go up

  • You’ll feel more at peace.
  • You’ll be able to find your keys as you’re headed out the door instead of spending 10 minutes digging through couch cushions trying to remember where you last set them down.
  • You might even be able to invite a friend over for lunch at the last minute when you run into them at the library!

I like to think my chore chart is pretty practical. It’s simple – I chose to only put the most vital of home management tasks. You won’t find a section for wiping down baseboards or vacuuming underneath couch cushions. Those things can wait – no one but you notices them.

Just focus on doing the most important things first, and you’ll do great.

An easy to use printable chore chart for couples and adults! Use this cleaning schedule for tips to always keep your house looking clean and tidy. #chorechart #cleaningchecklist
An easy to use printable chore chart for couples and adults! Use this cleaning schedule for tips to always keep your house looking clean and tidy. #chorechart #cleaningchecklist
An easy to use printable chore chart for couples and adults! Use this cleaning schedule for tips to always keep your house looking clean and tidy. #chorechart #cleaningchecklist

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