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What To Do When Breastfeeding Hurts

The time you spend breastfeeding should be a sweet time to bond with your baby and a time to get to know her better. You should be sniffing her hair and lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes. It should be something you look forward to. Breastfeeding definitely shouldn’t hurt! Unfortunately, …
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Baby Registry Checklist [Printable PDF!]

I was so clueless about what to buy before I had my first baby. I knew I would need a crib, a car seat, some clothes and diapers, but beyond that I had no idea what I would actually use! There are so many crazy baby products available now, and …
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Help! My Baby Won’t Stop Crying

This post contains affiliate links. Before I had children, I had friends who had children. These friends had happy babies. Their babies went with them to church, to the movies, to restaurants. Their babies spent their time gazing happily around them, perfectly content to observe the goings-on of the world. …