Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s tough to come up with your baby’s first Christmas gift ideas. When they are this little, they really have no idea what Christmas is or that they’re supposed to get gifts! They aren’t old enough to have any special interests or be able to ask for what they want. 

Do you buy your baby Christmas gifts?

Since your baby doesn’t have any idea that it’s Christmas, you could totally get away with not getting your baby any Christmas gifts at all! They won’t know the difference, and I think it’s safe to say that they won’t come asking you what you got them for their first Christmas when their older. Baby’s are expensive, and skipping Christmas gifts is a great way to save money! They will probably get lots of stuff from grandparents and other family members even if you don’t get them anything.

What do you get a baby for their first Christmas?

If you really feel the need to make sure your baby has something to unwrap on Christmas morning, I’m a fan of going insanely practical. Get your baby something they need, either now or in the future. Here are some great practical gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas:

College savings account

This might be a boring idea, but your baby won’t find it boring when she gets to skip the line for student debt! Contributing to a college savings account is a great gift idea for your baby’s first Christmas and it will be very useful in the years to come. You can even ask grandparents and relatives to contribute to it in lieu of gifts.

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Graco 4Ever Carseat

I love the idea of getting a carseat for your baby for their first Christmas. Chances are, they’ll be growing out of their infant seat before too long and they’ll need a bigger convertible car seat. This is a great opportunity to get them a new one! Your baby will have so much fun crawling and practicing sitting on it on Christmas morning, she won’t even realize it’s not a toy. Plus it’s always fun to have a huge present sitting under the tree!

Play Yard

If your baby isn’t crawling yet, she will be soon! Do yourself a favor and invest in a baby gate to contain the madness that is a mobile baby. I love the ones that are adjustable and can be opened up to create a barrier for any size doorway. It’s so wonderful to have a safe spot to put the baby when you need to get a little work done.

Hatch Baby

This little contraption is a fabulous gift idea for baby’s first Christmas! It functions as a sound machine for your baby and it’s very handy as a night light for middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. It provides just enough light to see without making it too bright and making your baby think it’s morning. As your baby gets older, it has an OK-to-wake setting to let them know when it’s okay to get out of bed! As a bonus, you can control it all from your phone!

Fun gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas

Practical gifts are great, but maybe you want to get your baby something a little more fun! Here are some of my favorite fun gift ideas to get a baby for their first Christmas:

2 in 1 Rocker to Balance Bike

If you want your baby to learn to ride a bike at a young age, this is a fantastic toy to get them. They can start using it as early as 6 months old! It functions as a rocker for them to ride on in the toddler stage, and then once they’re old enough to take it outside, it becomes a balance bike. It helps them figure out the balancing part of riding a bike without the added complication of figuring out pedals. We used a balance bike for my oldest daughter, and she learned to ride a regular bike right after she turned four.

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Water Table

As soon as your baby can stand, they will LOVE having a water table to play with. It will entertain them for ages during the summer. In the winter, you can fill it with other sensory items (like beans or rice) for indoor fun. This is a toy that will last for years – what kid doesn’t love a good sensory table?

Push toys

Push toys and walkers are great for your baby to have as they learn to walk. It doesn’t really matter what kind you get: it can be a shopping cart, a stroller for their baby doll, or a designated walker toy. They’ll love pushing it around and the extra stability will help them a lot as they practice walking!

Baby’s first Christmas gift idea: Books

You can never go wrong with giving your baby books for Christmas! There are so many good ones, I can’t even begin to list them all here. Goodnight Moon is a classic! Some of my daughter’s favorites were from Usbourne: she LOVED the All Better! book as well as the “Slide n’ See” book series. Both of those books give your baby a little something to do during the story besides just look at the pages. It’s great for babies who won’t sit still for story time!

Baby doll

Whether you have a boy or a girl, a baby doll is a great toy for your little one! My girls both loved pretending to take care of their dolls and the dolls even wound up being their “loveys” that they slept with every night.

Radio Flyer Wagon

This is a fun alternative to a stroller if you need a way for your baby to get around! 

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.