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13 of The Best Podcasts for Stay at Home Moms (That You Haven’t Heard Yet!)

One of the best ways for new stay at home moms to pass the time is by listening to podcasts.

When I was home alone with a tiny baby, podcasts were my saving grace. They occupied my brain, helped me learn new things, and made me feel like I was getting a little bit of adult interaction throughout the day.

Needless to say, I listened to a LOT of podcasts in those early days as a new mom.

Some podcasts on this list for stay at home moms are fun, some are educational, and some are faith-based. Not all of them are necessarily related to being a mom, but I get something unique out of each one of these, so I hope you will too!

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I’ve included links directly to each podcast’s website, but I personally listen to most of them on Spotify.

Also, I use bluetooth headphones so I can listen whilst I move about the house. They’re pretty affordable, and great for talking on the phone while wrangling kiddos as well.

headphones to listen to podcasts for stay at home moms

The Best Podcasts for New Moms About Parenting

1. Don’t Mom Alone

This is a once a week podcast by Heather MacFadyen. She interviews a guest every week about a variety of topics related to motherhood. These episodes are often as long as an hour, so be prepared for a lot of depth and insight on motherhood if you decide to check this one out!

2. Risen Motherhood

Emily and Laura are two sisters-in-law who discuss different topics related to motherhood and how those topics are impacted by the Gospel. I find the ideas they cover so practical and relevant to the issues that I face every day as a mom.

3. Focus on the Family Broadcast

I was practically raised by this show. My parents were big fans when I was a kid, and now I must admit they have a lot of sound wisdom to offer regarding marriage and parenting. Definitely worth checking out.

4. Courageous Parenting

The hosts of this podcast have EIGHT kids, so you know they know what they’re talking about! I love listening to this podcast because they provide practical tips while also helping me to think through the deeper issues of how to parent well in our current culture.

5. Bridge of the Faithful

Similar to the Risen Motherhood podcast, the host of this podcast, Jenna, discusses with a guest various issues in motherhood from a Christian perspective. You’ll walk away from this podcast feeling encouraged and uplifted!

The Best Podcasts for New Moms to Help You Manage Your Home

When I first started staying home, I wasn’t very good at running a household. My house was pretty disorganized, I didn’t manage my time well, and I would let the dishes and laundry pile up until we had nothing left to wear or eat off of.

One of the main ways that I’ve learned to get better at managing stay at home mom life is through blogs and podcasts like the ones below!

6. Organize365

If you have a little too much stuff sitting around your house in a disorganized state, Lisa will help you figure it out. She has tons of helpful advice and she often has new podcasts coming out multiple times a week!

7. ClutterBug

Cas used to struggle with messiness, and then figured out a way to manage her home that made sense to her. She’ll help you figure out your organizing style and set you on your way to organized living!

8. LearnDoBecome

April and Eric’s approach is more about how to help you organize your mind. Once your mind is organized, your environment naturally gets organized as a result. Definitely check out their free class, “How to Stop Drowning in Piles“, too!

The Best Podcasts for New Moms to Help You Grow Your Faith

9. Verity by Phylicia Masonheimer

Oh my goodness, I am a Phylicia superfan. Everything that she puts out is pure gold. She’s a Bible teacher, but she’s so amazing at applying biblical principles to motherhood. She’s also one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram!

10. The Bible Project

In each episode of this podcast, Tim and Jon take complex biblical ideas and break them down into easily understandable pieces. With podcasts coming out once a week, they have dozens if not hundreds of episodes that will help you dive deep into understanding what the Bible really means.

The Best Podcasts to Help You Get Smarter

11. Stuff You Should Know

I listen to this podcast if I’m in the mood to learn something new and random. Josh and Chuck spend 45 minutes telling you all you could want to know about the topic of the day. Some recent episodes have included: “How Trickle-Down Economics Works,” “The Huggable, Loveable Walrus,” and “Is Vaping Really Bad For You?”

12. Relatable

If you often find yourself lost in the sauce when it comes to politics and current events, this podcast by Allie Stuckey is for you. With podcasts that come out three times a week, Allie will keep you updated on what’s going on in the world. She’s also a mom to little ones, which makes her super, well, relatable!

The Best Podcasts for Stay at Home Moms that are Just Fun

13. The Wally Show

This is one of my favorite podcasts that I listen to. It’s actually just a recording of a live radio broadcast that goes out every morning, but it’s super fun! You don’t have to listen for long before Wally, Betty, and Gavin start to feel like old friends. Don’t forget to checkout the Aftercast too!

14. What Should I Read Next

 I love to read, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to read next. This podcast by Anne Bogel solves that problem for me with nearly every episode.

She interviews a different person every week and asks them about 5 books they love and one book they hate, and then recommends three books to them based one what they tell her. I’ve found so many books that I never would’ve read otherwise through this podcast!

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