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7 Podcasts Every Mom Should Listen To

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Podcasts are my saving grace on days that I spend all day alone with my kids. They occupy my brain, help me learn new things, and make me feel like I’m getting a little bit of adult interaction throughout the day. Needless to say, I listen to a LOT of podcasts. Some are fun, some are educational, and some are motivational. Not all of them are necessarily related to being a mom, but I get something unique out of each one of these, so I hope you will too!

I’ve included links directly to each podcast’s website, but I personally listen to most of them on Google Play Music.

Also, I use these bluetooth headphones so I can listen whilst I move about the house. They’re pretty affordable, and great for talking on the phone while wrangling kiddos as well.

The Wally Show

This is one of my favorite podcasts that I listen to. It’s actually just a recording of a live radio broadcast that goes out every morning, but it’s super fun! You don’t have to listen for long before Wally, Bekah, Betty, and Zach start to feel like old friends. Don’t forget to checkout the Aftercast too![spacer height=”20px”]

The Dave Ramsey Show

I actually can’t quite put my finger one why I love the Dave Ramsey Show so much. We don’t even have any debt! But I love hearing his advice, and the way Dave interacts with people can be so entertaining. It’s good motivation to stay on track with our finances and not let things get out of control. We don’t follow his advice perfectly, but I have no doubt that if you do you will absolutely have success with your finances!


Christy Wright’s Business Boutique Podcast

This is for all you mompreneurs! Christy is so motivating and has great advice for women who want to start or grow their own business! I listen to Christy when I need a pep talk if I’m feeling down about how things are going with the blog. She gets me back where I need to be mentally to succeed!

Risen Motherhood

Emily and Laura are two sisters-in-law who discuss different topics related to motherhood and how those topics are impacted by the Gospel. I find the ideas they cover so practical and relevant to the issues that I face every day as a mom.

Bridge of the Faithful

In this podcast, Jenna chronicles her personal journey of exploring God’s faithfulness to us as sinners. She uses the metaphor of a bridge throughout the show to illustrate exactly how God makes it possible for human beings to live with Him forever.


God Centered Mom Podcast

This is a once a week podcast by Heather MacFadyen. She interviews a guest every week about a variety of topics related to motherhood. These episodes are often as long as an hour, so be prepared for a lot of depth and insight on motherhood if you decide to check this one out!

Stuff You Should Know

I listen to this podcast if I’m in the mood to learn something new and random. Josh and Chuck spend 45 minutes telling you all you could want to know about the topic of they day. Some recent episodes have included: “How Trickle-Down Economics Works,” “The Huggable, Loveable Walrus,” and “Is Vaping Really Bad For You?”

Focus on the Family Broadcast

I was practically raised by this show. My parents were big fans when I was a kid, and now I must admit they have a lot of sound wisdom to offer regarding marriage and parenting. Definitely worth checking out.


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